David Bruining

Build A Wall, But Will Crime Fall?

Fact Check: Build A Wall & Crime Can Fall


 President Donald Trump’s new catch phrase “Build A Wall And Crime Will Fall” has a lot of anti-wall-ians stirred up.  So what would actually happen if The Wall was built?

Democrats, as you could probably tell by the shutdown situation, do not agree with a physical barrier between US and Mexico.  The problem is, immigration offences were the second most common federal crime in 2017, representing over 30% of the cases reported to the US Sentencing Commission.  To break that down further, 82% of those cases involved illegal entry into the United States, and another 14% were alien smuggling offenses. Obviously there is as problem when it comes to immigration.  So, let me bust some immigration myths:

    1. Illegal immigration doesn’t just mean Hispanic illegal immigration from our Southern Border.

America’s largest offenders when it comes to immigration are from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, the 4 countries accounting for 92% of all ICE removals in 2018.  While Hispanics only accounted for 33.5% of all non-immigration related offences, they accounted for 96% of all immigration offences.


A majority of federal offenders were United States citizens (59.3%). The majority of non-citizen offenders were sentenced for an immigration offense (68.6%). Total number of Federal Criminal Offences: 66,837

2. Illegal immigrants don’t cost taxpayers a lot of money.

Sure, taxpayers pay for a lot of wacky stuff.  Some even consider paying for The Wall a little far out there.  After all, wasn’t Mexico supposed to pay for that? Well, yes and no.  The US had a $71 billion trade deficit with Mexico in 2017. What President Trump should have said was that Mexico will indirectly pay for The Wall.  Trump was playing his hand, meaning that the US will demand Mexico cover this deficit or our nation will stop trading with them in such surplus. Something even more astonishing is that illegal immigration costs taxpayers roughly $135 billion per year (in many different forms).  According to NAS the cost of each illegal border-crosser is is $74,722. If The Wall stopped ONLY between 160,000-200,000 illegals, meaning if it were only 9-12% effective, it would save the taxpayer $12 to $15 billion dollars. Imagine if the wall worked as well as Israel’s and stopped up to 95% of illegal border-crossers.  The Wall is basically paying for itself.

    3. Build a wall and crime will fall.

This one is actually true.  In FY2018, illegal immigrants racked up a total of 364,550 convictions.  Not including the roughly 200,000 more that were charged with an offence.  Of the undocumented people that ICE caught: 80,730 received a DUI; 50,753 were charged with assault; 12,663 for burglary; 11,766 for weapon offences; 6,888 for sex offences; 2,085 for kidnapping; 2,028 for homicide.  And the list goes on. Notice these are the numbers of caught offenders.  How many are still out there?  The number of illegals crossing the border daily can’t be determined, the projections are all misleading–they’re ‘undocumented’, we’re not supposed to know they’re here–, and I’m sure that the number is increasing by the minute in order to get here before the wall goes up (kind of like rushing to buy that perfect gift on Black Friday before the sale ends).  What’s more, 80% of immigration offenders have less than a high school education. The people that illegally come to America statistically will not add value to our great nation.  They predominantly bring drugs, commit crimes, and crush the values that American citizens stand behind.  If these illegals loved the United States as much as the mainstream media conveys them to, then they would proudly become a citizen properly.