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Fact Check: Build a wall & crime can fall

(24 January 2019) President Donald Trump’s new catch phrase “Build A Wall And Crime Will Fall” has a lot of anti-wall-ians stirred up.  So what would actually happen if The Wall was built?


Medicare For All Doesn’t Care At All

(28 January 2019) As the presidential race for 2020 kicks off, the Democrats’ only standpoint is Medicare for All. But, the only upside to Medicare for All is the feeling that you helped someone– if you ignore the fact that thousands of lives will be destroyed and the American dream shattered for almost every taxpayer.


100% Green, 100% Mean

(2 February 2019) The powerhouse of every economy; the backbone to every government model;  the sine qua non of necessities for life: energy. But the push for environmental regulation has come sharply, with proposals that are poorly compiled and unequivocally juxtapose our nation’s attempt to lower the deficit. So let’s break it down and see what exactly will happen.


Recreating the Pinnacle Turning Point

(September 2018) After 242 years of true American wear-and-tear, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence are but fragile shells, colorless silhouettes of what they used to be. One man vowed to change that; two men vowed to continue it. This is the story of these men.


A year in the life of a stock market

(31 December 2018) The stock market: so widely regarded yet so unknown. It’s hard to base President Trump’s success on the stock market if you don’t even know where to begin looking at it.  So here’s a recap of the stock market for fiscal year 2018.


What Works With Socialism?

(26 January 2019) Socialism has been tried over 100 times in over 100 years; over 100 million people have died. In light of Democratic-Socialists running in 2020, what aspects of Socialism have crept into our Western civilization?


The Cory Booker Columns That Could Ruin His Candidacy  

(4 February 2019) During his younger years at university, Sen. Booker was a passionate writer, contributor, and columnist for the Stanford Daily.  The Stanford Daily did the American people a favor and compiled the Presidential hopeful’s columns.

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(August 2018) Great societies have never and will never be able to recover from disorganization. So, what is it and how will America overcome?


Behind Congress’s Money

(15 January 2019) Running for congress is extremely costly. Which begs the question, where do our congressmen get their campaign funds from?


Nordic Economics EXPLAINED

(29 January 2019) Democratic officials like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez love to say countries like Norway, Sweden, and Denmark are Socialist. There is a lot behind this Nordic model, and a lot more behind why the Left praises it so greatly.


The State of Our Union

(7 February 2019) Here is what you need to know about the recent State of the Union and what it means for the state of Our Union.